Office and business security solutions

Office and business security solutionsImage Credit: Supplied

Keeping your business safe and secure is now easier with a wide range of security systems that is available in the market. But before selecting some, first consider its importance, ease of installation, maintenance and budget.

Fire and smoke detectors are important for commercial buildings as they double the chances of occupants surviving fire accidents.

Modern security systems allow residents and concerned persons to take action even by using a smart phone or tablet. There are special security programmes that receive notifications directly from the alarm system. The chance for a false alarm is less likely to happen with advanced technologies.

For CCTV surveillance, ensure that you have good-resolution low-light cameras. Constant monitoring is important in lobbies, building entrances and exits, parking areas, inside the office and storage areas.

There should be a proper access control system to make sure that only authorised personnel enter the premises. This can be done by setting up security points or by restricting entry by using access cards.

Intrusion detection and perimeter protection systems, panic devices and burglar alarms are ideal. You may also organise a mobile patrol team to ensure rapid security response time.

When selecting products, always prefer high-quality items from reputed companies. If you go for wireless security systems, install a high-speed Internet connection for optimum performance.

It is best to hire a professional company to take care of all your security needs. They will install, monitor and conduct regular maintenance services for your equipment.

Handy Hints

• Consider business requirements, coverage area and budget

• Install CCTV, fire detectors and effective recording systems

• Advanced security systems can keep staff and property safe

Source: Asha Das, Special to Properties

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