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Sales and rental prices aside, villas will always be a pleasure to liveImage Credit: Supplied

Big cities all over the world are generally cramped and apartment complexes have become the best choice for most residents looking for a home. This is true even in the UAE.

However, this usual scenario does not minimise the allure of living in a villa. The lucky few who manage to secure a villa have the freedom of living in an independent home and enjoying several benefits.

In the UAE, residents are presented with different types of villas, some average, others extraordinarily luxurious. However, no matter what type of villa one chooses, there are certain aspects that give it an edge over apartments.

Villas are designed to have spacious rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. They often come with an outdoor space such as a patio, a garden, or a backyard (some even have a swimming pool) where family and friends can enjoy a leisurely time especially during the cooler months. Large attics or storage rooms are often provided in bigger villas; these are particularly useful for families who need to tuck away unused stuff. Furthermore, villas are equipped with huge garages or ample parking areas, allowing the occupants to easily keep more than one car.

Living in a villa gives homeowners the freedom to experiment with décor. With enough space to decorate, they can pick up any furniture, colour, decor and accessories they want. For the outdoor area, homeowners have the option to add water features, shade structures and even an outdoor kitchen. They can also decorate it with fancy lights and showpieces.

The best part about villa living is the privacy, and peace and quiet it offers. Occupants need not worry about noisy neighbours. It is also particularly of great advantage to families with children and pets as it has lots of spaces for both to run around and play.

However, villas command higher rental and sales prices. Managing one can also be a taxing affair. It not only calls for additional security features, it also requires extra funds for maintenance and utilities. If you are ready to cope with these challenges, living in a villa can be a pleasure.

Handy Hints:

* Villas have spacious rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and parking areas/garages

* They often come with an outdoor space, great for entertaining during winter

* Villa living offers more opportunities for personalisation than an apartment

Source: Shabnam Mondal, Special to Properties

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