When ‘less is more’ in home decorating

Minimalist design is for homeowners who value practicality, comfort and functionImage Credit: Supplied

Minimalism is a decorating theme that involves using a core idea and working around it to create more open spaces and clean lines. Very few items are used and the focus is on comfort, practicality and function.

It takes a lot of willpower to implement a minimalist approach when designing a home’s interiors as people tend to go overboard with their desire to decorate. The trick is to select appropriate pieces according to the available space. Find a central theme and stick to the bare minimum. Cut out any frills, fancies and intricacies.

Initially, pick a colour scheme that goes with your personality. Bright shades are not that eye-friendly. Shades of white, brown and creamy pastels speak volumes about a positive attitude. Use the same colour scheme for furniture as well. You can inject a different colour to create contrast.

Another factor is to create a sense of balance in asymmetry. If you choose to position a certain decor askew, ensure it looks stylish.

Pick lighting fixtures that have clean and sleek designs. Throw pillows can be of different shapes and sizes.

Keep one central piece which is the focal point of the room. A couch placed strategically or a quaint coffee table would do the trick. Remember, any simple or unique centrepiece can be a standout in a minimalist room.

Showcase cabinets are definitely off the scene. Floating shelves filled with artefacts and souvenirs are one of the souls of minimalist design. One shelf or several shelves; installed vertically or horizontally – it depends on your style and what suits your space best.

If you are into photographs, keep all of them together in a disarrayed manner. The same applies to coffee table books, coasters and others. A single large mirror in the corner of the room radiates a vibrant appeal. Heavy curtains should be replaced by trendy blinds or window shades. One or two potted plants also add to the appeal.

A minimalist design is easy to arrange and maintain. It is also easy on the budget.

Handy Hints:

* A minimalist approach to decorating includes improvising on a simple theme

* The design’s focus is on cutting out the extras, intricacies and anything fancy

* A minimalist theme usually uses the colours black, white, neutral and metal

Source: Zenifer Khaleel, Special to Properties

The writer is a freelancer


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