What’s inside World of Adventure

Get to know What’s inside World of Adventure and the variety of activitiesImage Credit: Supplied

• Avengers Battle of Ultron: Guests can join Marvel’s Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Captain America and the Hulk as they take to the skies in the Quinjet to battle the evil villain Ultron. This highly immersive, action-packed ride is the first “dark” ride for Avengers.

• Hulk Epsilon Base 3D: A unique ride featuring the Hulk as he battles against his deadliest foe — The Leader. This firstof-its-kind, 100-seater ride system uses a combination of 360-degree projection screens and motion to virtually propel guests through an immersive battle scene experience. Spider-Man Doc Ock’s Revenge: A 400m spinning coaster will propel guests through the New York skyline while Marvel’s famous web-slinger, Spider-Man, fights to save the city from the sinister Doctor Octopus.

• Thor Thunder Spin: For the most adventurous of guests, this dizzying top-spin experience will pin guests to their seat as Thor, the Mighty
Avenger, attempts to rescue them from the clutches of Loki, God of Mischief.

• Avengers Flight of the Quinjets: This exciting ride is suitable for all ages and allows guests to take control of their own two-seater pod and join a challenging interactive flight race.

Lost Valley — Dinosaur AdventureZone

• The Velociraptor: Guests will blast off on this thrilling 1.1km rollercoaster, propelling them to speeds of up to 100km in 2.5 seconds, launching them from the deep dark prehistoric jungles of the Lost Valley out into the Dubai desert and back.

• Forbidden Territory: Dinosaur enthusiasts will enjoy this deep jungle safari ride through the Forbidden Territory surrounded by 70 prehistoric, life-sized animatronic dinosaurs.

• Predator: For adrenaline junkies who have no fear, this experience is sure to get their pulse racing. The ride offers thrill seekers the sharpest drop track in the region, with a heart-stopping “beyond-vertical” plummet to Earth.

• Dino Carousel: Take a spin with the friendlier inhabitants of the Lost Valley — Dinosaur Adventure in a unique dinosaur-themed carousel. This carousel features beautifully hand-carved dinosaurs and will be the first dinosaur-themed carousel in the world.

• Adventure Fortress: Guests who prefer more active participation will enjoy this adventure playground, located in the heart of the Lost Valley, offering a fun range of obstacles and physical challenges with ladders, tunnels, slides, bridges, nets and climbing adventures.

Cartoon Network Zone

• The Powerpuff Girls — Mojo Jojo’s Robot Rampage! Powerpuff Girls fans can ride with The Powerpuff Girls and help fight Mojo Jojo’s evil robot creation, which is threatening the city, and save the world before bedtime.
• Ben 10 5D Hero Time: Audiences will feel they have been immersed in the midst of a real-life battle scene with Ben and Rook in this epic 5D multisensory theatre that will set pulses racing.
• Adventure Time — The Ride of OOO with Finn & Jake: On this amazing overhead scenic ride around the park, guests can soar across the sky with Finn and Jake through retail and immersive themed food and beverage outlets in the magical land of Ooo.

• The Amazing Ride of Gumball: Fans can visit the town of Elmore where Gumball and Darwin’s school science project has gone out of control. Riders can enjoy this interactive remote game with their friends as they zap the objects that have come to life and are threatening to take over the town.

• LazyTown Playground and Live Stage Show: Active explorers can experience a challenging rope and ladder adventure in LazyTown. Or they can drop around the corner and enjoy amazing live-stage performances with Stephanie and the Dance School, while they explore Robbie Rotten’s secret lair.

IMG Boulevard Zone

• IMG Boulevard: This is the bustling welcome zone of the park, offering guests and chill seekers a chance to catch their breath with a range of food and beverage offerings, or stroll through a unique collection of bespoke retail shops and emporiums, or simply sit back and enjoy the ambient street entertainers and performers.

Source: Sanaya Pavri, Special to PW


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