Ways to make the walls of your home interesting

Ways to make the walls of your home interestingImage Credit: Supplied

Walls, ceilings and floorings are the base of the design that defines a house. Having these elements in harmony brings the house a sense of balance and makes it look pleasing to the eyes.

Choosing neutral shades like white or beige for ceilings is recommended. Having a white or a beige floor makes a place look bigger. May it be wooden flooring, marble or ceramic, the right choice of material and color can enhance and indicate wall décor options. Light-colored floors and white or light-colored walls make a space look bigger. Darker floors matched with lighter walls give a feeling of warmth. Lighter floors and darker walls make a space look smaller and imposing.

Using neutral colors on walls allows you to hang up almost any kind of painting as well as accessories. Using darker shades on walls requires matching wall accessories, curtains that are in neutral colors, and throw cushions that bring in the color of the wall in some way on the neutral furnishings of the sofa. A rug or a carpet can also have some color off the wall.

Using wood panels, leather panels, wall laminates, colored wood, wallpapers, stone cladding, fabric panels, paint finish, metal, GRP panels, MDF panels, glass, acrylic, and CNC-cut MDF are some of the ways one can design feature walls. Having every wall with an enhancement can be too much; a touch of design is what makes a feature wall come alive.

Using essential and mood lighting on walls in an interesting way is also nice, and brings warmth and mood in the evening. Warm white or colored LED strip lights, uplights, downlights, spotlights to highlight paintings, and ground lights to highlight the walls upwards are some interesting ways to enhance walls.

Choosing the right size of painting is also important. Paintings that match the style, color and texture of the walls can enhance the walls or spoil the décor completely depending on the choices you make. Having large walls and small paintings that are not at eye level can be a disaster. Fixing large paintings at eye level would be great.

Handy Hints:

• The right size of painting can either enhance or spoil a house's entire wall

• One can opt for a feature wall and design it by adding wallpapers, panels, etc.

• Light floors and white / light-colored walls can make any space look bigger

Source: Sejal Nagjee, Special to Properties

The writer is CEO and Design Director, Milestone Landscaping and Interiors


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