Transforming your home for the new year

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If you are planning to refurbish your home and give it a new look for the new year, there are multiple creative ways to achieve it. Here are some of the latest home trends that you can opt for:

Natural elements – Furniture pieces made of natural materials such as wood are making a roaring comeback. Wood in lighter shades lends an airy look to any setting while darker shades make the room look classy and glamorous. Among the lighter honey-colored woods, walnut, oak and cherry seem to be the popular choices. There is also a growing trend of blurring the lines between outdoor décor in patios or terraces with design inside the house. So, wicker and cane furniture, which were considered garden items not too long ago, are getting a prominent display in living rooms. Introducing large plants and green rugs, which reflect the look of a lawn, inside the home has become popular. Chairs and tables with plant holders are also gaining ground.

Bling look – The generous use of metallic elements is a dominating theme in modern-day home décor. Metallic pendant lights are a great idea to throw in the bling look. You can opt for metallic floor lamps for that edgy feel. Metallic-colored shag rugs on the floor and copper pillows are also in vogue.

Seamless kitchen design – With open kitchen becoming a reality in most homes, it is no longer a quaint corner with its own walls and design. With the kitchen now almost becoming part of the living and dining space, its look and color need to be in sync with the overall pattern of the house. More attention is now being paid to proper lighting to highlight attractive glassware and dishware. Sconce lighting is also used to create artistic backdrops on walls.

Bathroom trends – One of the revolutionary trends, thanks to environment consciousness, is the walk-in shower, which is gaining in popularity over the bathtub. Bathtubs consume more water, shoring up utility bills, and people leading a hectic urban lifestyle rarely have the luxury of spending long hours in them. Thus, walk-in showers are a practical option.

Throw out the old, make way for the new. Making that refreshing change does not have to be pricey; it just needs a dose of creativity.

Handy Hints
Furniture made of lighter shades of wood like oak and walnut are gaining ground
• Introducing metallic elements can transform any space, giving it an edgy feel
• Walk-in showers, considered more cost-effective, now an urban lifestyle demand

Source: S. Dhar, Special to Properties
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