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For most of us who live in small apartments and condos, a porch, balcony or patio is our little piece of the great outdoors. Hence, it is very important to make the most out of it. Keeping these spaces clean, uncluttered and tastefully elegant will add charm to your living space and can be your private unwinding spot too.

The rule of the thumb in sprucing up these areas is to keep it short and simple. Declutter your area of all the unwanted stuff that have been lying around for ages to give it a more personalized and inviting feel. Balconies especially, should not be over stuffed as they are more visible to outsiders.

Keep the area properly dusted and clean. Add some plants to build up a greener and natural environment. Make sure the plants are well-watered and constantly trimmed. You can also add a planter box to display your favorite flowering plants.

Cozy nooks in verandas can be turned into seating areas with a few cushions and easy chairs. With outdoor areas, the theme is generally nature, so stick with it and go for floral decorations, coir mats and anything that looks natural.

Make your patio or yard look attractive at night, as it is during the day, by combining task and strip lights. Strategically placed lighting can do wonders to create the perfect ambience for relaxing or small get-togethers.

If you have tables in your patio, a small tea light can make the perfect setting for evening teas. If your patio is covered and has access to electricity, chinese lanterns provide great scenic atmosphere. Wind chimes are also a charming attraction as they gently sway in the breeze. There is an array of different wind chime materials to choose from that can create a musical melody and windy effect.

Another major issue is whether to replace worn-out furniture or repair them. First, you have to decide if the stuff is still functional for its primary use. Restoring old chairs or tables gives a vintage appeal to your property. There are also wicker stools which can be given a quick makeover with spray paint or varnish to give them a nice rustic appeal which will work well outdoors. If they are really degraded, it is better to discard and opt for new furniture.

Handy Hints
• Spruce up the outdoors without spending by keeping it clean and de-cluttered
• A few well-watered and trimmed plants can add a natural feel to your yard
• Incorporate proper lighting to make your landscape look warm and in

Source: Zenifer Khaleel, Special to Properties
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