Tips on setting a study area for children at home

Tips on setting a study area for children at homeImage Credit: Supplied

Does your kid get his work done in the living room while lying on the couch with a pack of popcorn and TV running in the background? Setting a study area for your kid is the best option to establish good study habits.

An extra room or unused office makes a helpful study room. In apartments, you may use bookshelves and related space to make a study area within the confined space.

Consider your child's opinion when selecting the space, choosing paint colors and setting the desk, shelves or cupboards. The study space needs to stimulate your kid's imagination so design it according to his personality with some pointers below:

• Walls and floors – Pick any shade of green, blue and delicate yellow which gives a calm and reviving feeling. Rug tiles or low-heap mats supplement the room's shading plan and give kids who like to relax on the carpet a cushy study spot.

• Lighting – Provide adequate light to reduce eye strain. Place the study desk near the window to get enough natural light. Place lights overhead or use a table lamp to avoid eye damage. Also, choose wall colors that reflect light to make the room more pleasant.

• Work zone – A desk or table with proper height is a vital point to consider. A decent reading lamp is a desktop need. Incorporate a computer with a printer and Internet connection in the room.

• Storage to get rid of clutter – Encourage kids to keep their study room neat and clutter free. Add abundant storage space like bins and boxes to store school materials like paper, pens, crayons and other stuff. Provide bookshelves to keep course books, references, notebooks and novels. Persuade your child to put his things away after finishing tasks.

• Open space – Plan an open area for reading with delicate seats, bean bags or floor pads. Add customized floor lights.

By trying innovative design ideas, you can be sure to make your kid's study area his or her favorite place at home.

Handy Hints:

• Green, blue and delicate yellow wall colors give a calm and reviving feeling

• Proper designing and planning are essential to establish good study habits

• Consider kids' likes, suggestions and opinions in designing the study space

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Source: Asha Das, Special to Properties

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