Swimming pools common landscape feature

The most expensive landscaping element per square meter, swimming pools have become works of art, with technologically advanced features such as improved pumps, fountains, jets, LED lighting, filtration systems, covers and automatic cleaning systems with chlorine-free units, and heat and chill pumps.

The pool always dominates the landscape as it is the biggest feature, and there are many types of pools :

• Skimmer pool – The water is 15cm below ground level and it is the cheapest type of pool. It can be made beautifully and can look very simple and nice with water skimming below the edge.

• Overflow pool – The water is at the same level as the ground. It makes a beautiful look in the landscape and is medium-range priced.

• Infinity pool – The most exotic and expensive pool mainly used to show water disappearing into a lake or body of water. It can make a beautiful water feature with water falling from the higher edges and if it is visible from a distance.

• Lap pool – Mainly used by swimming enthusiasts to exercise regularly and swim laps. Fixing a wave machine to build resistance is also possible.

• Splash pool and Jacuzzi – It is a fun pool. Small in size, it is just meant for fun and relaxing, not swimming. It can also include a water feature.

Pools are no longer separate from the rest of the landscape and can bind and become the focus of it. Landscape designers are now able to ensure that the pool is as flexible as the landscape by incorporating more than one element, whether to provide an ability to lap or enjoy a Jacuzzi, like fountains, jets, kids play, shade, pool bar, wet lounge, planting or architectural walls.

Many pools now use different types of edge treatments utilizing them in the best way to achieve the maximum functionality as landscape designers explore how to incorporate more levels and different layouts.

Handy Hints
• Infinity pools make a beautiful water feature but are the most expensive
• Splash pools are small and are meant for fun and relaxation, not swimming
• Lap pools are used by swimming enthusiasts to train and exercise regularly 




Source: Sejal Nagjee, Special to Properties
The writer is  CEO & Creative Director, Milestone Landscaping


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