Simple ways to spruce up a rental property

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Potential tenants can discern a poorly-kept property and walk away from it without knowing that it is a highly valued one. Thus, an accurate presentation of a rental property to tenants is extremely important as first impressions always count.

Generally, refurbishing can include simple things ranging from a fresh coat of paint or coloured wallpaper; professional cleaning of walls, floors, kitchens and bathrooms; installing new fixtures and fittings; sprucing up the interiors of bedrooms and the living room; and updating the porch, garden and foyer.

Each property is unique; therefore, find out what is special and desirable about your property and spruce it up accordingly. There are low-cost ways of doing it.

Floors – Keep all floors modern, stylish and comfortable by installing wood or vinyl flooring which is cheap and easy to maintain. Tiled floors may make great use of professional deep cleaning.

Kitchen – Replace damaged sinks and taps. Revamp the cabinets/cupboards by changing their knobs and handles, and painting them in bright colours. Also update chipped worktops, backsplashes and tiles.

Bathroom – Get rid of old shower curtains, toilet seats and fixtures. Add a painting or a tapestry on the wall to liven up the space. You may even consider placing a small bookshelf filled with magazines for that homey look.

Interiors – Redesign the interiors by changing or updating the theme. Replace worn-out lampshades, light fittings, decor, furniture and window fixtures. Add a dash of colour in the form of bright cushions, throws, fresh flowers and plants.

Exteriors – Repaint the front door and walls to cover visible surface marks. Get rid of weeds and debris in the garden and walkways. If the outdoor space has water features and shade structures, ensure they are clean and well maintained.

The aim of decluttering and depersonalising the property is to make it feel like a home for potential tenants so they can imagine themselves living there. By making small investments in keeping your property in top condition, you would realise that the returns far outweigh the expenses.

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Handy Hints

• Potential tenants are easily attracted to a clean and well-maintained property

• Address little issues like leaky pipes, busted lights and gaps in the windows

• Use neutral colours, simple furnishings; upgrade bathroom/kitchen fixtures



Source: Arva Shikari, Special to Properties

The writer is a freelancer


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