Setting up space for your home office

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Exciting ideas for home office designs are endless; however, planning how to decorate your home office is all about making the space feel comfortable while exuding a corporate ambience.

To determine how much space you need, ask yourself these questions: Will you expect visits from clients or industry colleagues? What furniture and equipment best suit the working space? How much storage do I need?

The tricky part is picking the location since you need a space that gets your creative ideas flowing. It may be a loft or a private corner at home. When choosing the space, also consider the ambience, view and temperature for you to do work undisturbed, and keep noise and other interruptions at bay.

Keep the space simple and tidy to induce a positive working mood. You may opt for a classy, modern or casual design for your working space, depending on your business activity. Inject some colour into the wall, add appropriate decor and consider placing plants in strategic corners.

Since most of your time is consumed by sitting, pick ergonomic furniture or upgrade your old one with some DIY fixes to support your neck and back. Include an ergonomic workstation, mouse and keyboard as well, and ensure to install appropriate lighting.

Maintain a clutter-free area by organising files in cabinets and shelves. Conceal electric cables and wirings using cable tunnels, wire baskets and conduits.

Disruptive events can happen and, under ordinary circumstances, your kids may mess up your files. Let your kids understand the difference between personal and professional spaces. Ensure your home office is off limits to them and your pets to help you stay focused.

Handy Hints
• Choose a quiet location to keep your creative juices flowing
• Consider neat charging stations for your various tech items
• Invest in proper lighting, furniture, equipment and accessories

Source: Alfred Ocianas, Special to Properties
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