The right shade to paint your office

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An office should be a space where everyone is able to work with the perfect mood, energy and creativity. Experts believe that colours have a great impact on employee productivity and customer behaviours. They also add value to a property, whether it is old or new.

Each colour exudes a unique ambience. Businesses are, thus, advised to select shades according to their business activity and target market (age of the clients, gender and cultural background).

Cream and beige – When combined with wood grain finishes, these colours give any area a refined and royal look. They are usually used in a lawyer’s office or a banker’s cabin.

• Blue – A colour that symbolises honesty, loyalty, wisdom, security and confidence, it is perfect for an accounting firm. It can be combined with other colours like orange for a balanced look.

• Green – The most pleasant to the eyes, it keeps one relaxed. Experts suggest dark green for corporate offices to show wealth and dignity.

• Red – This colour is for those who are vigorous, energetic and ambitious. It is ideal for businesses like production studios, beauty salons, graphic design offices and advertising firms.

• Yellow – For businesses which focus on creativity like design and styling, this should be the colour. It inspires one’s thoughts and ideas.

Make your commercial unit a better and attractive workplace by picking the right colours. Do not be afraid to combine different hues to come up with an outcome that is unique to your business.

Moreover, install proper lighting and pick accessories that go well with the colour scheme.

Handy Hints
• Select colours according to your business activity and customers
• Red is ideal for offices focusing on design, production, beauty
• Right accessories and lighting enhance a space’s colour scheme

Source: Asha Das, Special to Properties
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