Revive your living space with trendy false ceilings

False ceilings in your living spaceImage Credit: Supplied

A false ceiling is an optional secondary roof hung beneath the structural ceiling. This provide thermal insulation and soundproofing to any room in your living space. It can also hide veil wiring, ductwork and piping. Whether it is wood, aluminum, steel sheet, glass, fiber or any textured piece, this kind of ceiling can add glam to a home’s entire look.

Tray ceiling – It creates height to any low-ceiling room and makes the space appear larger than it is. It can be installed in living rooms, dining rooms, foyers and bedrooms.

Ceiling molding and dome – Transform your house’s ceiling, whether it is high or low, into a conversation piece by installing moldings and domes. Add bright colors and trendy lighting for a sophisticated impact.

Ceiling medallion – Use this if you want to draw attention to a stylish chandelier or other trendy lighting fixtures. Ceiling medallions enhance the look of crown moldings and domes. Add a mirror to the medallion to add more drama to the room.

Plaster of Paris (POP) ceiling – POP ceiling requires lots of creativity to create magnificent designs and patterns. If your room has a low ceiling, design a POP ceiling in straight lines.

Glossy ceiling – This gives a good reflection of the room, making it seem more spacious. It also enhances available light and gives the room a much lighter feel. The main drawback of this type of ceiling is that it highlights even minute surface flaws.

Steel ceiling – Rust free and durable, steel ceilings come in a range of designs. Fix it directly to the main ceiling and add trendy lights or shadow lights to give the room a contemporary feel.

Wood plank – The warm hues and fascinating texture of wood create a cozy environment and give a room instant character. This is best suited to living rooms.

When installing this kind of ceiling, remember to blend it with stylish wall color and distinctive lighting to boost the room’s “wow” factor.

Handy Hints
• When adding a false ceiling in your living space, decide whether to have it fixed or suspended
• Ensure the quality of the main ceiling before having a false one installed
• Consider how a false one must be installed and its ease of maintenance

Source: Asha Das, Special to Properties
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