Recharge your home this summer

Recharge your home this summerImage Credit: Supplied

Whether taking a short break or an extended holiday this summer, the season offers an ideal opportunity to undertake preventive maintenance to your home. While homes within integrated residential communities get support from facilities management, being prudent about home maintenance makes perfect sense.

Summer is the best time for preventive maintenance because of the availability of manpower and minimal inconvenience on residents. Annual maintenance helps fix leaks and cracks that are detrimental to a property in the long run. It also reduces facility management, energy and water bill costs.

Ensuring that plant overgrowth is managed is also an important part of summer maintenance. The roots of plants such as Damas trees could damage walls and other structures. Many developers address this, but homeowners should also be vigilant.

Clogged air-conditioning filters can cause damage to AC systems, so change them regularly to save thousands of dirhams in repair costs. Dirt and neglect are among the leading causes of damage on heating and cooling systems. Also, install LED lights, which are more energy-efficient and friendly to the environment.

As you prepare to travel this summer, it is also important to pay attention to your home's safety and security. Apartment owners must close all doors and windows, while villa owners must be vigilant about securing garages. A CCTV camera or intruder alarm system will help residents monitor their homes or offices 24/7.

Informing the property manager about your vacation dates will help monitor suspicious activity in your absence. The Housing Security Programme of the Dubai Police helps provide security with ongoing patrols in your area.

Also, suspend newspaper subscription during vacation. Accumulated newspapers by the doorstep could attract criminal elements.

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Source: Ranju Kapoor, Special to Property WeeklyPW

The author is General Manager of Hamptons International


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