Quick fixes to spruce up a home's essential areas

Quick fixes to spruce up a home's essential areasImage Credit: Supplied

We often express admiration for impeccably kept hotel entrance halls and washrooms. Oh, how we wish our family home could be just as neat and tidy. But wish no more as there are multiple ways to make over any space.

Frequented by household members and visitors, your living room, kitchen and washroom should reflect the impression your guests have on you and your personality. Always keep in mind that guests usually swoon over a polished and organized spatial layout.

The living room is one of the most welcoming areas of the house. Ideally furnished with furniture, with wide windows having picturesque views and good natural lighting, this is the very place where guests can feel true hospitality and where family is warmly accommodated. To perk it up, play with colors for the walls and add good lighting. Put up a painting and bright curtains befitting the season, place different magazines on a rack and install an audio-video equipment for a homey leisure time.

Generally, the kitchen is the subject of much criticism. Employ creative kitchen layouts by factoring in cleanliness, furnishings and, of course, safety. You need not shop for new furniture and modern fittings. The main ingredient is to just keep the corners spick and span and the cupboards organized. It would be nice to paint cupboards a bright color to give them a fresh look. A fragrant ambiance is a must; thus, make sure the ventilation system is working. And do not forget to give this part of the house a cozy feel by putting plants or flowers by the window.

The bathroom, even if it is modest, should look pleasant and cozy. Keep it well-lighted to make it appear more spacious. Toiletries and personal items should be properly stored in cabinets to allow more space for easier movement. Dress up a corner by placing a pot of plant that requires low light to survive humidity. Adorn the space with potpourri, wall clock or frames to enliven the senses. You can even reserve a corner for your favorite books and magazines.

Reviving the interiors of your home only requires a dose of creativity. If possible, employ your kids' ingenuous artistry in the process.

Handy Hints:

• Keep the bathroom well-lighted and dress it up with plants, potpourri, books

• Make over the living room by changing the wall's colors, adding good lighting

• Add a dash of color to the kitchen by painting the cupboards in a bright hue

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Source: Alfred Ocianas, Special to Properties

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