Practical hacks to turn a home from drab to fab

Practical hacks to turn a home from drab to fabImage Credit: Supplied

A home is a signature of one's personality. Every person wants it to represent style, opulence and a touch of luxury. However, if your pocket does not comply, a few tricks and hacks can help you create the dream home you have always wanted.

One of the main things that brings distinction to a home is the furniture. When shopping for a set, do your homework well in advance. Do not resort to guesswork on measurements and shapes. Take complete dimensions and colour schemes in hand. Even if it takes two to three trips to the store, the end result will be better than after purchase disasters. Think of heavy furniture as a long-term investment and go for the best quality.

Slips and covers can be changed periodically instead of reupholstering the whole sofa or couch. A quick touch-up with paint or varnish can give a new feel to old furniture. Accessories like cushions and rugs can also give a new look to old pieces. Try different colour schemes and patterns to completely rejuvenate your living room.

When buying decorative pieces, choose singular exclusive items over a multitude of random pieces. The bathroom can be made to look trendy by changing the fixtures occasionally. Choose a colour scheme and get matching towels and accessories. For the floors, use laminated wood over hardwood to get the same finish at a lower cost.

Natural ingredients in your kitchen can be used to make cleaning solutions for the furniture. Not only are they cost effective, they are also eco-friendly. Also, natural plants are a better and cheaper alternative to air purifiers.

Make a maintenance plan and implement it periodically before things succumb to breakage, or wear and tear. With tutorial programmes and DIY solutions available everywhere, you can turn into your own designer and do quick fixes and decoration for your house. All it takes is a little imagination coupled with patience.

Handy Hints:

• A little bit of patience can make home improvement projects affordable

• Natural cleaning solutions are better alternatives to chemical products

• Think of furniture as a long-term investment so go for the best quality

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Source: Zenifer Khaleel, Special to Properties

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