Picking the right wooden flooring for your home

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Wooden floorings may not be common as many prefer carpets and rugs to cover room floors at home. However, they give any apartment or villa an instant homier ambience.

Hardwood flooring is strong, versatile, durable, aesthetically beautiful and helps prevent allergies or respiratory ailments. It is good for the environment as it is made from sustainable sources like bamboo and cork which can stand daily abuse. Besides, it is easy to maintain as it hardly accumulates dust or dirt, is resilient to stains and can be restored when worn-out; therefore, it is eco-friendly and biodegradable.

The wood and finishes can be blended in varied ways to create combinations suiting a homeowner’s likes and requirements. It may be wise for you to choose hardwood flooring for your living space, but picking the right one is simply a matter of personal taste.

Check out the different species of wood, their appearance and durability. Every wood class is uniquely defined by its graining and character marks like burls, mineral streaks and knots. Oak, for example, has precise variations in grain, while maple is finely grained. Hickory, oak and maple are high in hardness which makes them more durable. They are ecological as well.

When deciding on the colour, consider neutral shades of gray or brown. In terms of texture, matte-finished ones are more practical as these hide imperfections like scratches and dirt. They are great for homes that have kids and pets. In contrast, those with a smooth classic texture like salvaged wood are trendy. Wood that has distressed texture gives a home a rustic look, while the hand-scraped variety goes with any decor.

Even the width of the wood boards matter. Slender strips visually enlarge the size of a room, while planks give any space a rustic charm and casual comfort.

Different woods have different potency; thus, they can be used for all rooms. For instance, oak, maple and cherry are ideal as kitchen floors, while hand-engineered wood is ideal for washrooms to block extreme moisture levels.



Handy Hints

• When picking wooden flooring, consider colour, texture, species and finish

• Matte-finished floors conceal dust, footprints and any signs of wear and tear

• Oak or maple can be used for kitchen; hand-engineered wood for restrooms



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