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Theme-based pieces with unique shapes and designs can easily make a dull room interestingImage Credit: Supplied

While we are all experts at choosing the right things for the right places, it is often tricky to pick home furniture. After all, furniture, which is an essential character of all rooms, is not replaced every day.

Whether it is the bedroom, living, dining or kid’s room, each place deserves something different. And to do justice to the space, choosing the piece that best suits the purpose is absolutely essential.

To begin with, space constraints must be given utmost importance. While big rooms can afford the luxury of having huge beds and sofa sets, small living areas have to make do with space-saving tables, chairs and beds. In big cities like Dubai where many are forced to live in small apartments, sofas with upholstered backs, beds with simple headboards and chairs with slender legs often fit the bill. Besides, one can also look for furniture with storage space. Tables and cupboards with multiple drawers and beds with under-storage are some of the solutions for small homes.

However, those who can afford the luxury of space may indulge in choosing stylish furniture. Theme-based furniture is available in shops across the UAE. Its unique shapes and designs can easily make a dull room interesting. While the bedroom always needs a bed, accompanying furniture like nightstands, desks and dressers can be chosen based on utility. For living rooms, one can opt for bean bags or loveseats instead of huge sofas. These provide more flexibility when it comes to moving them around effortlessly.

Tables with glass tops look attractive and can be used in any room. One can also be a little creative and make side tables using plywood or crates, and cover them with a decorative tablecloth or bright paint. Adding lamps, flower vases and cushions also enhance the look and feel of a room.

Finally, when one chooses furniture, one should think about what suits the area. A piece should never be oversized. Furniture arrangement is also crucial. Choosing home furniture can be a fun exercise if one has a knack for experimenting. It will not only help one pick interesting pieces, it will also give one ideas to arrange them in different areas.

Handy Hints:

* Choose furniture pieces based on utility and the size of your living space

* Small homes can make great use of furniture with multiple storage solutions

* Big sofas can be replaced by loveseats and bean bags for ease of movement

Source: Shabnam Mondal, Special to Properties

The writer is a freelancer


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