Nothing says ‘wow’ quite like a window treatment

Dressing up windows is easy whether you want to filter light, achieve privacy or bothImage Credit: Supplied

Windows are the eyes of a home. They open up any room with the natural light coming in and provide an unimpeded view to the outside. However, no homeowner wants to leave this part of the house bare.

To enhance the aesthetics of the windows and transform the entire look of a room, different window treatments are used. In selecting a window treatment, first consider the amount of light that enters the room as well as the privacy required.

Curtains are the simplest type of window dressing. Ranging from simple to ultra-fancy, they can be half length (known as café curtains), or full length with as much or as little fabric desired. One may choose from sheer, cotton, lace, silk and nylon, among other options, with or without prints. To achieve a boho look, one may try beaded curtains available in different sizes, shapes and materials such as metal, wood, glass and acrylic.

Draperies are a common type of window treatment. Lined or unlined, they lend drama and a personal touch to any space. While most often drapes are floor length, you can choose the more opulent and romantic look by picking the ones that create puddles on or “overflow” onto the floor.

Shades are the easiest to maintain and the most versatile. They are a viable option if you have corner windows, or prefer a minimalist look. Providing a clean and tailored silhouette, they come in a wide range of colors, materials and styles such as Roman, honeycomb (also known as cellular), woven wood (bamboo), tight weaves (twill or microsuede), blackout, balloon and solar.

For a modern look, blinds and shutters use adjustable panels to control the amount of light that filters into the room or can be closed to shut out light completely. Blinds come either as horizontal or vertical, and are made of metal or vinyl. Shutters, available in vinyl or wood, can instantly add a crisp and clean look to a room while controlling the light and view.

Frosted glass, though mostly used in bathrooms, can inject unique and diffused lighting. Stained glass window films add privacy and style without completely cutting off light.

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