The many elements of office decor

The many elements of office decorImage Credit: Supplied

The elements that are incorporated into an office décor vary greatly from home décor. These lean more toward subtle patterns, and sophisticated and rich colour tones that convey the right effect without looking too garish.

Depending on the company's products and services, the décor has to accordingly reflect the same vibe and culture. Understanding office needs is important to be able to incorporate the right elements of design. Who is your target audience? Are your products colourful and preppy, or are they meant for the more serious aspects of life? How many employees do you have? How many clients visit your office on a daily basis? A bit of planning and visualising can go a long way.

Even the smallest of office space can look spacious with the right accessories. Mirrored or reflective walls or surfaces can give the illusion of space. Pastel colours reflect light and make the office look airy and ventilated. Natural elements give any office an earthy look.

Some really interesting trends nowadays are items that multitask as optimum utilisation of space is the need of the hour. Foldable tables, storage spaces created into nooks and corners, and the effective use of vertical areas like walls are all part of it.

In addition, acoustic panels and soundproofing accessories are important. Workstations have to be fuss-free with enough leg space. Cables and wires have to be secured to ensure no one trips on them.

Choose the right office furniture that goes with your interior design. Wooden furniture is popular, but upholstered chairs and sofas provide an element of comfort. Couches and bean bags, for instance, are used in advertising and related companies for a casual vibe. Incorporate metallic colours for a contemporary touch, and make use of wooden screens or partitions to segregate work areas.

As for the entrance or the lobby area, keep it simple. Comfortable and good quality seating for clients and a low coffee table always make the cut.

Handy Hints:

• Incorporate your company's branding into your office décor

• Add plants or apply a fresh coat of paint to liven up the space

• To exude a casual ambience, add bean bags in the lounge areas

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Source: Urmila Santosh, Special to Properties

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