Making your home smell like a garden at springtime

Making your home smell like a garden at springtimeImage Credit: Supplied

Any home could harbour a cornucopia of smells – pet, food, mildew, mould, cigarette, faulty plumbing system and even garbage. While proper ventilation, i.e., installing exhaust fans and opening the windows, is a must, it is imperative that you immediately identify the root cause of the problem to get rid of unpleasant odours. While at it, it also helps to adopt easy techniques to keep everyday odours at bay and make your living space smell like a garden at springtime.

Kitchen – The one spot in the house where various aromas are concentrated. When cooking pungent-smelling items like fish, experts advise placing a bowl of lemon juice or vinegar near the stove to absorb the smell. To get rid of offensive smells in the fridge, put charcoal, coffee grounds or baking soda in a small container; replace as often as necessary. For dishwashers and ovens including microwave ovens, fill a dish with water mixed with either lemon juice or vanilla extract, or vinegar; let it run for a few minutes. You may also bake orange or lemon peels to make the oven smell fresh again.

Living room – This may harbour repulsive odours especially if this is carpeted and if you have pets at home. Vacuuming the upholstery and carpet regularly is the quickest solution to eliminate unwanted smells. Consider pouring baking soda on the carpet; leave it for a few minutes then vacuum it up. Or, use a carpet freshener as needed.

Bathroom – The place where you can linger to melt all the stresses away should smell amazing and exude a spa-like ambience at all times. Aside from cleaning it regularly and keeping it dry, you can get rid of any musty odour by placing a dish of potpourri, scented candles or cotton balls sprinkled with essential oils in strategic corners. Don't forget to air it out by opening the shutters.

Bedroom – Let your bedroom breathe by letting fresh air in. Freshen carpets with a freshener or baking soda. Diffusers, scented candles/oils and potpourri are your bedroom's best friends as well as scented sachets placed inside cabinets. Also spritz pillows, bed sheets and curtains with a linen spray to create a haven of relaxation.

Because plants are considered natural air deodorisers, do invest in a few pieces. Add vases of fresh flowers for that natural aroma and to pretty up a corner.

Handy Hints:

• Use vinegar, lemon and baking soda to get rid of smells anywhere at home

• Scented candles/oils, diffusers and potpourri all make the home smell fresh

• Fresh flowers and indoor plants help neutralise household odours naturally

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Source: Ellen Joyce Soriano, Special to Properties

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