Making home staircases visually appealing

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However wide or narrow, an instant way to beautify your home and add personal style to it is by decorating the staircase. The following tips can help you infuse style into a typically ignored area of the home:

• Be creative with paint. A splash of colour that is different from the one you have can add life to the space and impart an instant “wow” factor. Select a colour that blends nicely with the lower and upper parts of the stairs. To make the staircase stand out, use bold colours such as electric blue or brick red.

• Use the staircase as a display for decorations. Place souvenirs from your travels or small baskets of dried flower arrangements at the edge of each step. Even pottery, candle stands and urns can be placed strategically. Be sure the walking space is clear and there is no danger of the items falling or slipping.

• Turn your staircase into an art gallery. Either use your children’s coveted art projects or artwork you already own. Even family photos in matching frames displayed on each step can impart a personal and homey touch to the space.

• Good lighting always works wonders. Use Arabesque-style hanging lights to add a splash of illumination to the area. Mirrors can also work well if placed on the wall opposite the railing of the staircase. This will give the illusion of more space and add light to open it up.

• Purchase three to four different styles of wallpaper in coordinated colours and patterns. For each step on the staircase, place the wallpaper on the exterior of the step to create a pretty design. Vinyl flooring in wood patterns creates the look of wooden steps.

• Small coloured vases can be tacked to one side of the staircase with an adhesive to welcome guests as they walk up the stairs.

• Weave into the staircase a hint of nature by adding potted plants on every two or three steps. Bonsais in tiny clay pots or succulent terrariums would make good choices.


Handy Hints

• Adding a colourful staircase runner is the easiest way to update a staircase

• Avoid excessive decoration on narrow staircases; stick to paint or wallpaper

• Give the steps a hint of nature by adding potted plants, succulent terrariums


Source: Saadiya Ahmad, Special to Properties

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