Liven up your home with indoor plants

Aside from beautifying a space, they also improve indoor air qualityImage Credit: Supplied

Whether you live in a villa or an apartment, the easiest way to liven up your abode is by keeping indoor plants. Not only are they pleasing to the eye, they also serve the purpose of keeping the environment clean. Moreover, they are far easier to manage as compared to the outdoor variety. Some of the most thriving are:

Areca palm – A huge favourite on account of its beautiful appearance, it is ideal for creating a natural privacy wall. It requires a warm temperature for growth and, hence, should be placed far away from a window.

Bonsai – A reproduction of the original tree in its miniature form, a bonsai is normally grown in pots and does well in plenty of sunlight. A wide windowsill is generally the most suitable place for this plant.

Dracaena marginata – This plant is known for its ribbon-like green leaves with narrow magenta stripes along the edges. Being very adaptable, it does well in almost any indoor environment.

Dieffenbachia – The leaves of this pretty indoor plant are a combination of white, green and yellow color. It tends to thrive in evenly moist soil and moderate to bright light.

English ivy – There is a timeless elegance associated with this plant. Since it prefers moist soil and a cooler temperature, it is known to thrive indoors. It can be trailed down a piece of furniture for a dramatic effect.

Ficus benjamina – Another very popular indoor plant, its bright and shiny oval-shaped leaves add cheer to any environment. This plant grows best in indirect or curtain-filtered sunlight and can be trimmed for a tidy topiary effect.

Massangeana – This tree-like plant with sword-shaped arching leaves is often found in homes as well as offices. Shadier or even darker areas are ideal for them.

Spider plant – True to its name, this plant comes in several varieties and tends to work well as a hanging plant. Room temperatures of 60 to 75 degrees keep it thriving.

Warneckii plant – This indoor plant can either be grown as a bush or cane and is very popular due to its beautiful leaves, its tolerance with a variety of light conditions and easy maintenance.

Handy Hints:

* As per research, indoor plants have a psychological, physical effect on people

* With proper knowledge and care, most indoor varieties are known to thrive

* When selecting foliage plants, ensure that they are insect and disease free

Priyanka Wade, Special to Properties

The writer is a freelancer

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