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Lighting is a very important part of décor, be it in a commercial or residential space. It serves to provide overall illumination to a place or highlight particular areas that need to be seen.

It has long been known that lights, like colours, enhance one’s mood and exude a certain vibe and energy; thus, it is important for an individual to choose the appropriate lighting for his space.

In retail outlets, it is important to match the lighting with the tone and ambience of the store. The idea is to attract customers towards the store and retain them in the store longer. The lights also need to reflect the product line and the category of customers a store hopes to attract.

In a clothing store, proper lighting is needed for customers to feel comfortable to browse around and be able to see all the colours and textures of clothes. An antique or vintage clothing store has a specific lighting need, so modern and contemporary track lighting would look completely out of place in it. Fluorescent lights suit a discount or thrift store, but would look disastrous in an infant clothing store.

In a jewellery store, incandescent lighting is used a lot especially over the displays as it casts a yellowish shadow on certain jewels and gems that make them look more beautiful and unique. Overhead lighting in the central square of the store, where customers may want to check how a particular piece actually looks on them, has to be brighter.

Spot lighting is useful for special items displayed on racks to make their colours and unique features more visible. It could be installed overhead or positioned upwards to show off a display. The best way to decide which angle works best is to look at it from a customer’s point of vision. Strategically placed lights will cast the appropriate light on a merchandise and complement its colour.

Make sure the overall lighting is not jarring to the eyes. Hide power outlets behind racks and shelves. Secure extension cords to the walls to avoid tripping.

Handy Hints
• Ambient lighting is used as main light source for retail stores
• Accent lighting heightens products or seasonal item displays
• Use task lighting to illuminate the newest and exclusive items

Source: Urmila Santosh, Special to Properties
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