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Create a flattering ambience by combining different types of lighting at different levelsImage Credit: Supplied

Looking to spruce up your home? The easiest way to do it is to get hold of some lights. Lighting is the most effective and economically feasible method to flatter any living space. A combination of different types of lights can make your task even more amazing. Keep in mind that light sources must be functional and must focus on the main areas within a room.

For the bedroom, it is very important to maintain a warm and cosy ambience. Soft lights must be a priority. Keep reading lamps on side tables or the work desk. Additionally, arrange soft glowing lamps on the walls for that mellowed glow. If you have a dressing area within the room, try to arrange lights around the mirror. While an overhead light may be perfect, you can also choose low-wattage lamps that shine upwards.

The living and dining rooms do not require a lot of bright lights. One chandelier in the living room, or a chandelier or pendant light above the dining table is enough. The other areas can be decked up with small table lamps or battery-powered votives that let out a soft glow.

Focused lighting on kitchen countertops and islands are ideal to create the perfect atmosphere for cooking. Under-cabinet lights are also a great option to light the nooks and crevices around shelves and walls.

Another area that requires attention is the bathroom. Arranging a few lights around the mirror would be ideal. It helps fill in shadows. If you have a bigger bathroom, a bright light above the shower may be a good idea.

There are also some tips and tricks that can add new life to your home. Placing lights in varied heights and locations helps brighten up important spots. Focus lights on your favourite showpieces, a great vignette or certain spots. Adjusting the brightness level in different parts of the room also helps prevent lighting fatigue, a problem that often plagues many homes.

So, be a little creative and light up your home in a new way with some interesting ideas.

Handy Hints:

* Arrange lights at different levels like combining table and floor lamps

* Install sidelights or a pair of sconces to fully illuminate your bathroom

* Make the dining area interesting by installing a chandelier above the table

Source: Shabnam Mondal, Special to Properties

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