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Take the stress out of planning an iftar or an Eid gathering with these handy tipsAdel Sajan

Ramadan is a time to connect with family and friends. While hosting a family gathering during Ramadan and Eid is always exciting, the planning for the party often leaves us feeling stressed out. We bring you a few simple tips that will not only help you put together a fun celebration for your friends and family this Ramadan but also give you a head start in planning a dinner party anytime in the future.

Plan a theme

For an iftar or Eid gathering, consider having a traditional theme, where  you can request your guests to dress up in clothes that are unique to their culture. This is particularly interesting when your guest list has a mix of people from different nationalities. A theme like this could help people start conversations and discover more about each other. The traditional theme could extend to the décor. Have oriental curtains, Turkish lamps, ornate candle stands, floor cushions and carpets with Arabic motifs for such a party. Choose warm colours to bring this theme to life. You can also create your music list to represent the theme.

Table setting

An attractive yet functional table arrangement sets the right tone for a memorable dinner party. Use a striking centrepiece to add a bit of drama  to the setting. You can choose something that matches the room or goes with the theme for the occasion. And, sometimes it’s all about the little touches; you can decorate the table with a pretty table cloth, fresh flowers in a beautiful vase, a bowl of fresh fruits or even an elaborate sculpture and objet d’art.

Planning a table in advance will help you anticipate the requirements of your guests as well as the meal. This will also allow you to decide on the placement of flatware, silverware and crystal glassware on the table.

A great spread

Food can make or break a good dinner party. If you are planning to invite guests for an iftar buffet, make sure you plan in advance as you will be fasting throughout the day as well. Keep a mix of easy, simple dishes that can be whipped up in a jiffy and fancier fare. Don’t pack the buffet table with too many dishes. Sometimes, a few great dishes are far better than too many average ones. Keep the tastes and preferences of your guests in mind before planning the menu for a party. Some guests may break their fast when they come over for dinner so keep a platter of dates as well as milk and honey on the table. Keeping a fruit bowl and a tray of assorted traditional sweets is also a good idea. You can serve the food in beautiful crystal or porcelain dishes with Arabian motifs.

Make arrangements to offer your guests Turkish coffee or tea with fragrant spices after the meal. To create a perfect Arabesque setting, serve coffee or tea in traditional cups.

Activities to entertain

Pick an area or a room that you can dedicate for entertainment. Add elements such as floor lamps, rugs, cushions, candles and other decorations to make the area warm and comfortable. If you’re inviting children to the party, consider keeping them occupied with puzzles or games. You can engage someone to read fairy tales to them as well. This will ensure that the party is fun for all ages.

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