Learn these easy makeover ideas for your living space

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Your house reflects your personality. The way you handle your living space talks much about you. Bored of the very same apartment? You can think of an entirely new look for it, or go for slight modifications that will make a great impact.

Nowadays, apartments are designed based on a particular color theme. So, make a wise color choice. The latest trend is to highlight any one wall with contrast paint or texture effect. Another makeover idea is to use removable wallpapers that offer you the benefit of an instant renovation.

Select curtains that go well with the wall color, preferably a contrasting hue. White is always a wise choice. If you are not interested in a color theme, go for neutral colors that will give you freedom to select any decor items with distinguished colors of your choice. A neutral wall with same-color curtains will make a room look spacious. This is apt for studio apartments.

Consider look and comfort when selecting furniture like sofas, a TV set, a dining set, bed and mattress. Adding some extra cushions can make your sofa look elegant and rich. If you are a busy professional, opt for furniture that demands less maintenance and cleaning. If you have naughty kids or pets, think accordingly.

Your kitchen also demands some changes. Built-in facilities like cooking range, fridge and microwave oven may make space facelift difficult, but think differently and add some colors by keeping a decor piece or an artificial fruit basket. Also consider window boxes where you can grow fresh herbs.

Having a carpet or rug is the best idea to make your apartment look stylish. Buy unique lamps that will add ambient light and sculptural beauty to your rooms. A wall hanging is unavoidable when considering wall decor. Select a painting, photo frame or collage that will match your apartment theme. Finally, add some greens to your apartment by keeping indoor plants.

You can opt to seek professional help when setting up your apartment with perfect finishing. Experiment with creative makeover ideas and design trials that are easy and unique.

Handy Hints
• Use an interesting color theme and match it with different accessories
• Try installing window boxes in the kitchen where you can grow fresh herbs
• Consider comfort and utility when selecting furniture like sofas, dining set, etc.

Source: Asha Das, Special to Properties
The writer is a freelancer


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