Learn how to create bedrooms where dreams come alive

Learn how to create bedrooms where dreams come aliveImage Credit: Supplied

A children's room is perhaps the dearest to our hearts. Be it for a toddler or for a teen, it is the place where the child dreams, plays and imagines. While it is easy to go and buy a matching furniture set of Barbie or Spiderman, a little bit of creativity and imagination can really help you tailor the room to your little one's interest.

The base wall color should be soothing such as lavender or light blue to enable your little one to ease into sleep easily. An accent wall of a different color, or a textured wallpaper can give the illusion of bigger space and a break from monotony. Explore from a wide variety of online stores or visit home furnishing stores where ready-to-assemble furniture, appliances and home accessories can give you creative ideas. Try displaying lots of photographs and artwork to personalize the room.

Brighten the room with colorful and vibrant upholstery. Opt for vibrant patterned curtains, pillow covers, cushions and rugs. Rather than buying a furniture set in one go, try accumulating individual pieces over time. This lends a personal eclectic touch and somehow a memory of how you end up with such piece rather than looking like just bought out from a furniture store.

Last but not the least, a children's room has to be a balance of comfort, functionality and fun. Ensure there is adequate storage for toys, books and collectibles, and even enough storage for future gifts, prizes and purchases. In case the child is a toddler, use protection for sharp edges especially on doors, cabinets, and drawers. Ensure that there is enough light at the study table, and maximize the use of natural light.

If your children are old enough, consult and involve them in decorating and personalizing their room. Let them pick the paint colors, decorations, lamps, curtain designs, toy bins and beds. Paint an old cabinet in a wacky color like red, and let them get messy with it. You may not get the perfect finish, but your little one will be proud of his contribution in doing up the room.

Handy Hints:

• Brighten children's rooms with vibrant patterned furniture and accessories

• Ensure the room has adequate storage for toys, books, collectibles and others

• Personalize the room by displaying lots of photographs and kids' own artwork

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Source: Dipshikha Mitra, Special to Properties

The writer is a freelancer


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