Landscaping matters to your home space in the UAE

Landscaping matters to your home space in the UAEImage Credit: Supplied

Landscaping in the UAE can sometimes be something of an undertaking, with the natural desert environment not as forgiving as some of our home climates might be. However, that just makes landscaping matter all the more as doing so means giving your house a feel of being more like a home.

Of course, another reason that landscaping matters is that it will make your outdoor space usable – grass for your kids to play on and trees for your guests to sit under. Granted outdoor entertaining is not feasible all year round, this could be an ideal time to invest in landscaping for your home. Professional services are likely to be less busy and, therefore, less expensive and this forward planning could have your garden BBQ ready in time for the cooler months.

Landscaping can also provide you with some security and privacy which can sometimes be lacking in modern developments. Bright and open spaces can mean that you are at eye level with your neighbors. Landscaping could include trees, hedges and trellises that help maintain your privacy and security while at the same time introduce some greenery to your home.

If you have the problem of too much unused outdoor space, landscaping can set limitations and provide a sense of purpose to specific areas. Rather than just one big open space, specific landscaping can set one section for entertainment, perhaps another for the kids to play in, and yet another area for a BBQ or outdoor dining area.

A well-landscaped garden is not only visually appealing to you but also to others. This can make for a good return on investment when the time comes for you to sell or rent out your property. Having attractive and functional outdoor space is a key incentive to prospective buyers or tenants, and would likely result in a much better sale or rental price.

At the end of the day, your home should feel just like that, a home. Having a well-landscaped outdoor space can give your home whatever feel you prefer and having that perfect outdoor space would really create that urge to go home, relax and enjoy being comfortable in your own space.

Handy Hints:

• Invest in landscaping during summer so everything is ready for cooler months

• Use landscaping to secure your home and enjoy a certain degree of privacy

• Limiting an area to a certain activity can help establish space functionality

Source: Nicholas Baker, Special to Properties

The writer is a freelancer


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