Keeping your home cool in the summer

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There are only a few days left before the UAE summer hits its peak for homeowners to prep up their residence's insulation and ventilation system for the general comfort of all occupants.

Every gap in windows and doors increases a home's indoor temperature, making air conditioners work hard. This leads to a higher electricity bill. Since permanent and lasting insulation costs more, there are practical remedies available at minimum costs.

To filter the heat, use plastic foam strips, vinyl or rubber weatherseal to close any gaps, cracks and holes in windows.

Stylish cellular shades and heavy layered curtains are another option; however, make sure they match your interior home decor and colour scheme.

Although draft snakes or stoppers are usually used during winter, they can also be used in summer to prevent warm air from creeping in.

Window insulation films are handy, DIY-friendly and easy-to-apply glazed sheets that are attached to indoor glass, making it less reflective. These reduce glare, filter UV rays and protect the furniture from fading while letting the natural light in.

Thick coverings like shutters and cheap bubble wrap help put off steam, while carpets help maintain the desired temperature indoors.

If your property has an outdoor space, you may consider planting trees in the front or backyard now and reap the benefits later. Trees help cool the home by providing shade during the hot months. On the same note, keep indoor plants as well as these not only help remove household toxins but also keep the home cool and fresh.

Proper ventilation breeds clean indoor air. There are critical areas in the house that require such like the kitchen and the comfort room. Ensure each has exhaust fans to eliminate stale air and unpleasant odours. Do not forget to regularly clean the fans as they tend to get sticky and dirty over time.

All in all, create a relaxed and cool home even if the temperature outside is over 40¢ªC.



Handy Hints

• Seal any gaps, cracks or holes in windows to ensure even temperature at home

• Window insulation films filter UV rays, reduce glare while letting natural light in

• Open windows in the evening to let fresh air in and eliminate indoor pollutants



Source: Alfred Ocianas, Special to Properties

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