Keeping your green space healthy all year round

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Gardens are one of the features of residential areas, especially villas. A good landscaped area becomes a functional space for family get-togethers, welcoming guests, barbecue weekends and for kids to play around.

If you have spare time, it is easy to keep your garden attractive and lively in the luxurious shade of green. Garden care demands passion, expert techniques, correct timing and a bit of creativity and TLC.

Selecting a garden landscape design is important. When considering one design over the other, make sure that it goes well with any season. You may consider adding shade structures, planters, urns and pebbled walkways to give your garden an interesting look.

Choose heat-tolerant plants suitable for the climatic conditions in the UAE. These include petunia, vinca and zinnia that are native to semi-arid countries and can bear the extreme conditions in the desert.

An outdoor tap is a convenient way to keep the plants properly hydrated by watering them before they start showing any signs of wilting. Overwatering may create problems for plants that prefer dry soils. So, water the plants based on their type.

Pruning plants regularly ensure healthy growth and give them a beautiful appearance. Trimming the tips of new growth is the best way to get a rich bushy look.

Stunted growth and leaves turning yellow are signs that the plants are not properly fertilized. Ask professionals what organic fertilizer you can use. Avoid chemical fertilizers as much as possible. You may consider bio-fertilizers especially if you are working on a kitchen garden. Also take precautions against leaf-mining insects like moths, flies, beetles and wasps.

Ensure proper sunlight and air circulation in the garden. Arrange the plants depending on their light and shade preference. The lawn is an unavoidable part of an outdoor garden, so make sure that you only plant quality grass and mow it regularly.

You may consider hiring a professional gardener for annual visits or weekly services like pruning and mowing. Keep in mind that a well-maintained garden will help you get a good return on your investment when you plan on renting or selling your property.

Handy Hints:

* Select plants that can sustain the extreme climatic conditions in the country

* Use bio-fertilizers and take precautions against moths, flies, beetles and wasps

* Hire a maintenance company for assistance in keeping the garden healthy

Source: Asha Das, Special to Properties

The writer is a freelancer


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