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Creating fun traditions with family and friends promotes a strong emotional connection. Let your home exude a spirit of joy and playfulness by adding a game room, which will surely add value to your property when the time comes for you to sell or rent it out.

To begin with, determine the size you want according to your interests and personality. You may transform an empty basement or unused room into a game room with pool and ping pong tables, dart boards, and PS3 and Xbox consoles. Depending on the available space, identify which game you want to focus on, e.g. billiards, table tennis or video games only.

Do not overpack your room with too many activity tables or games. Keep in mind that moving around is absolutely necessary. Allot enough space between game tables. Also consider the foot traffic, so you may put the dart board in a corner furthest from the walkway to avoid hitting anyone.

Long-session games need a breather in between. Add comfortable seating such as ottomans which do not require much space and which have multi-purpose uses (they can be used as coffee tables, too). You may also opt for ergonomically designed chairs, or bean bags for a relaxed weekend playing video games with friends.

Keep the place tidy by installing storage cabinets to store rackets, balls, other sports equipment, remote controls, accessories and peripherals. Mount flat screen TVs and audio equipment on the wall to maximise space. Hide messy cables not only to create a clutter-free environment but also to avoid danger.

Keep your game on by choosing the right lighting. It is recommended to choose task lighting for every activity or table, and ambient lighting for the rest of the space.

Lastly, soundproofing is greatly encouraged to keep the noise at bay and for everyone to be able to have an enjoyable time.

Handy Hints
• Organise a comfortably satisfying game room that will suit all ages
• Keep in mind to subject every activity table to adequate task lighting
• Use the available space wisely by not overpacking it with many activities

Source: Alfred Ocianas, Special to Properties
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