Interior Design Tips: Making the most of your home flooring

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Home flooring options have never been more varied and tailored to suit individual tastes and budgets. Here is a lowdown of interior design tips on a few of the latest flooring materials out there:

Nothing beats the look of a solid wood floor and, in fact, wood is not only durable but also naturally beautiful. Wood goes with most any interior design and there are several different domestic types of wood used in flooring. These range from maple to cherry wood. Wood is nailed to a sub-floor and most often lasts an entire lifetime.

A less expensive option is engineered wood which is basically the upper layer crafted from real wood followed by several layers of plywood. This not only cuts the cost incrementally but adds stability to the flooring. This type of wood can be glued, nailed or installed as a floating floor over a cushioned pad while some varieties come as parquet squares.

Bamboo is yet another type of flooring that is actually a grass not a wood. While it resembles wood, its naturally fibrous strands are glued together to create solid strips. As bamboo is tough and durable, it makes an ideal flooring option and it is eco-friendly as well.

Laminate flooring consists of a top layer that is actually a plastic coating applied over a photo and can be used to recreate a real wood look or even ceramic tile or stone. Available as tiles or planks, laminates can be installed directly over previously existing flooring minus the nails or glue. They make an attractive and inexpensive flooring option.

The most popular type of flooring is carpet which comes in a bevy of textures and colors. To check for the quality of the carpet, enquire about its fiber density; basically a carpet that has more fibers per square inch is more durable.

Referred to as resilient flooring, vinyl tiles are very fuss-free and slight soft underfoot. Available in a variety of colors, textures and designs, it is reasonably priced and literally maintenance free.

Handy Interior Design Tips
• Wooden home flooring goes well with any interior design and can last a lifetime
• While it resembles wood, bamboo is durable, tough and very eco-friendly
• Carpets, which come in different designs, are the most popular flooring type

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