Interior design ideas for your home

Interior design ideas for your homeImage Credit: Supplied

Each one of us is excited to refurbish our home, whether it is old or new, rented or owned. As homeowners, we all have the desire to live comfortably and relax with our family, and entertain friends in a well-designed abode.

Whether you want to redesign your house yourself or hire an interior designer, there are some important factors to consider.

Have a floor plan of the property and draw the furniture layout to scale. It is important to know the measurements of what can fit in where, be it a new set of furniture or an old one. Opt for furniture sets that you can easily move around during parties.

Having a vision of what the end result would look like helps. Collect pictures from magazines or search online to give you an idea of what your color scheme would be, the features, the furniture and the decor or accessories. Doing research will help you or your designer plan the whole thing before purchasing items and executing the plan.

Leave enough space and avoid clutter. Remember, too many artefacts, enormous furniture, mismatched wall décor and paintings can make any space appear claustrophobic.

Each room and connecting passage needs to be in harmony with the design. You may choose to have different themes in different rooms. You may opt for a classic design for the living room, modern minimalist for the master's bedroom, contemporary for the study, or a funky theme for the children's room, but ensure all the elements blend well.

Using niches, corners and small spaces needs some thinking as space utilisation is critical to smaller homes. So, be creative, or do research about how you can use corners. Installing shelving, building corner and slim studies, adding corner wardrobes and storage units, and using height creatively allow you to use any small area well.

Use neutral or light colours as they make the space look bigger. Proper lighting is also critical to home design as it enhances a room's ambience.

Handy Hints:

• Do research to give you an idea about themes, color schemes and accessories

• Remember to avoid clutter by not overdoing paintings, decor and furniture

• Maximise small areas like corners and niches by adding storage options, etc.

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Source: Sejal Nagjee, Special to Properties

The writer is CEO & Creative Director, Milestone Landscaping


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