Ingenious ways to redo a bachelor pad

Ingenious ways to redo a bachelor padImage Credit: Supplied

Clutter is no longer part of the stereotypical image of a single guy's urban retreat. Today, smart men's abodes exude individuality, sleekness and character as seen in the décor and design. Enhancing a bachelor pad's boring corners need not be done at a high cost. Simple makeovers that incorporate a splash of modern theme and neutral shades can greatly accentuate a masculine aura.

• His showroom – The living room is where any guy spends a great amount of his time so he can transform it into a showroom of his hobbies and interests. Here, you can utilize floating shelves to organise old personal items, antique pieces, toy cars, and collections of books, magazines, CDs and knickknacks from your travels without eating any floor space. Bikes, skateboards and cricket bats can be mounted on the wall as well. To maximise space, it is best to position musical instruments in corners. Walls can be filled with artwork, or posters of art, graffiti, vintage vehicles and supercars, own photographs, anime or superheroes.

• His colours – When choosing carpets, furniture and wall paint, black, grey and purple combined with streaks of white evoke modern tastes among men. Bring a hint of manly vibe to your interior design by choosing accessories with accents of blue or brown. Orange and turquoise throw pillows add a coastal sunset feel and are convenient when friends crash in anytime for sleepovers. Brighten up the ambience by letting natural light flow in. Opt for sheer draperies, curtains or cellular shades that blend well with your theme.

• His space – Although minimalism conjures an airy appeal, a simple layout in your living space stirs emotions. Use trendy lamps. Opt for a sofa bed with drawers for storing bed linens, blankets and pillows. Bring some action into your space by having board games, a football table, a dart board or a foldable ping pong (table tennis) table. A stacked-up kitchen leaves a good impression on your guests; however, unless you are a cook by heart, you need not equip your cupboards with a complete set of kitchen must-haves. Just buy the basics and you are good to go. A coffee maker is, however, a plus.

Organise your open-plan man cave by keeping it tidy and uncomplicated. After all, everything that makes up a single guy's private space mirrors his personality.

Handy Hints:

• Orange and turquoise throw pillows add a coastal sunset feel to any pad

• The living room is a great place to showcase one's hobbies and interests

• Opt for a sofa bed with drawers for storing bed linens, blankets and pillows

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