Ideas and inspirations for sprucing up a foyer

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Be it an apartment or a villa, decorating a foyer can be an easy task if you just let your creativity flow. Some foyers are large and spacious, while others are narrow or small. In fact, some entryways open directly to the main living room. Thus, delineate the space of the foyer.

When decorating the foyer, it might be tempting to look at it from the inside, but try to do it the other way around – walk out and look at the inside from the outside. Does it look as great and welcoming to your family and guests from the outside as it does from the inside?

Consider a large foyer as one of the rooms when designing or redoing it. To give it a warm look, place a round pedestal table in the centre and a chandelier above it. Put fresh flowers, or a piece of art or sculpture on the table. You may also opt for a console table near the wall and surround it with wall fixtures. Either set a large framed mirror over the table, or use framed prints to give the wall a finishing touch. Position upholstered chairs, a sofa or a bench with cushions in vibrant colours in corners. Add colourful area rugs or carpets. A built-in wall cupboard, a chest of drawers for storage, or a rack to hang turbans, hats and bags could save floor space. The walls and tables can be accessorised with accent pieces, vases and paintings, among many others.

Small foyer walls can be decorated with a wallpaper or a silk fabric. Prop a small table against the wall and top it with a key holder, mail holder, floral arrangement, classy mirror or lampshade. Underneath it, place a large jute basket for umbrellas. If your foyer is narrow, mount a tapered table top on the wall. Install iron or brass hooks on the wall to hold jackets, turbans, scarves or burqas.

Whether your foyer is large or small, a paint or shiny varnish can spell a huge difference. Use it to brighten the door, wall, or staircase near the entrance. Pick bold colours like navy blue, chocolate brown, Chinese red or bright yellow.

Go ahead. Decorate the entrance to your personal castle in a way that it brings a smile to anyone that enters it.

Handy Hints
• When decorating foyers, add three things: a table, a mirror and an ottoman
• Decorate large foyers like you would a room; add accent pieces to small foyers
• Define the space with bold colours like navy blue, Chinese red, bright yellow

Source: Arva Shikari, Special to Properties
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