How to work in the comfort of your home

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Whether working from home is an occasional occurrence or a permanent feature, having an appropriate workspace setup can be the key to increased efficiency and productivity.

If you work from home, then it's important that you have a specified workspace. Consider the factors that make you work best. A separate room would of course be the best option. But in case you do not have a spare room, try and look for a quiet and cozy corner, which can fit in all the bare essentials of a workplace like table, chair, file cabinets, chest of drawers, etc. Make sure it is away from noise and distractions.

Next, set up your workstation with all the necessary equipment like computer or a laptop, printer, fax machine, files, etc. It's worth investing in a really good lumbar support chair to avoid unwarranted back strain and pain.

Since you're going to spend several hours a day in your home office, it should have a comfortable look and feel. If it's an uncomfortable 'soulless cubicle', you're going to be less motivated to work.

Having a view can also help create a more productive workspace in your home office. Taking a break from your computer to stare at a blank wall isn't very relaxing. If you aren't able to position your desk near a window, hang a nice picture or painting above your desk or position your chair facing the door. Either way, make sure you have plenty of light, whether natural or artificial, but not too much to cause glare and eye strain.

Finally, turn your home workstation into an organized command center. If there's not much space available, make use of the walls by installing floating shelves to keep papers and office equipment off your desk. Use an office organizer to stack and label your notes, bills and mails. You can even designate one drawer for important documents you may need.

Handy Hints:

• Choose a quiet location within your home away from distractions

• Make your home office appealing which can motivate you to work

• Choose a room with a view and comfortable lighting for the eyes

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