How to transform a space into a guest retreat

How to transform a space into a guest retreatImage Credit: Supplied

It's the holiday season, and the season for welcoming visiting friends and families. How to make your guests feel comfortable and relaxed like they are in their own room? By creating or modifying an existing space that hugely shouts ''right at home.''

• Color – When choosing a color scheme for the walls, you can either choose subtle or go the vibrant route. Subtle colors like beige, white and gray give any room a welcoming and soothing look. Vibrant hues such as soft yellows exude a playful feel and can perk up anyone's mood any time of day. You may up the bedroom's playful ambience by adding a colorful striped wallpaper or incorporating another hue that complements the main wall palette.

• Furniture – A trundle bed is ideal for guest rooms as it does not take up extra space. Besides a bed (and pillows, blankets and extra beddings), consider adding a bedside table and a small wardrobe cabinet and a chair. Also include a small vanity desk; you don't want to give your guest the trouble of hopping from the room to the bathroom when doing her makeup, do you?

• Lighting – Experts suggest choosing soft overhead lighting plus table lamps. However, today's trend leans towards pendant lights and bedside sconces. The latter allows occupants to cozy up with a good book while waiting for sleep to take over. Besides, these lighting ideas lend any room a sleek and modern look.

• Accessories – Bring the outside to the inside. This means putting a vase of colorful flowers or a potted plant in a corner. Add life to walls by hanging a lone eclectic artwork, or wall decals that complement the theme.

• Extras – Give attention to detail. Welcome your guests with a goodie tray. Add in books, a box of tissues, bedroom slippers and even toys for visitors with kids. Do not forget to throw in hangers, an electric iron, a hair dryer, a universal charger and a cellphone dock for convenience.

All in all, think hotel rooms when decorating a guest retreat that your guests won't want to leave.

Handy Hints:

• A trundle bed is ideal for guest bedrooms as it does not take up extra space

• Pendant lights and bedside sconces lend any room a sleek and modern look

• Give attention to detail by adding a cellphone dock, hair dryer and slippers

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Source: Ellen Joyce Soriano, Special to Properties

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