How to spruce up your garden for the upcoming winter

How to spruce up your garden for the upcoming winterImage Credit: Supplied

Winter in the UAE is fast approaching and all of us are looking forward to the party season. What can you do to build useful and functional spaces where you can easily entertain family and friends?

As the weather gets less hot by the day, why not take the time to spruce up your garden. Whether you are renting the property and have a small budget, or own the house yourself, there are many cost-effective ideas to upgrade your outdoor space for winter entertaining.

• A neat, clean, well-mowed and fertilized grass and properly pruned plants always enhance the look of a garden so ensure they are ready when the entertaining season comes around.

• Light the trees, feature plants and perimeter plants to add a nice, warm ambience to the outdoor atmosphere. Be sure to replace busted lamps and install lights in corners where lights are missing.

• Add concrete pavers to make a patio where you can use movable furniture for seating and entertaining. Do not forget to polish the old woodwork to give it a new look.

• Enhance any outdoor nook by adding potted plants, garden accessories and sculptures.

• Install water features and fire pots in strategic areas of the garden.

• If you still do not have one, it is about time you installed shade structures like gazebos, pergolas, fences, gates and decks which you can always remodify and reuse when you shift houses.

• Add a barbeque or a buffet area to make entertaining more interesting.

• You can also give your garden a smart update by adding gravel and polished pebbles, or you can define grass space to make it look good by allotting 15 centimeters of edging to separate the grass and the planting area.

Handy Hints:

• Install shade structures to add interest and drama to any outdoor space

• Create interesting walkways in the garden by using gravel and polished pebbles

• To make entertaining more fun, add a bar, a barbecue area or a buffet area

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Source: Sejal Nagjee, Special to Properties

The writer is CEO & Creative Director, Milestone Landscaping


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