How to set up a budget-friendly home gymnasium

How to set up a budget-friendly home gymnasiumImage Credit: Supplied

Fitness has become a buzzword nowadays. But in this fast-paced life, not everyone has the time to hit the gym regularly after spending hectic hours at the office. A private home gym is the best solution for this as it provides you with the utmost comfort and privacy.

Create your budget – Before setting up a gym, plan about the investment. Have a clear idea about your goal, type of equipment and space available. This depends on your objectives, be it weight loss, weight gain, cardio fitness, strength training, or a combination of some of these.

Create a space – Choose an area or a separate room where you can do your workouts. If you do not have a separate room, you can partition your living area or bedroom and convert one side of it into your gym area. Spot a pleasant, clutter-free space where all your equipment can be accommodated and where you can move freely.

Give it a good fitness look and feel – A clean, airy and clutter-free room with plenty of natural light and ventilation will definitely boost your energy level during workouts. Keep it free from all electronic gadgets, files, papers and other distractions. Pump it up by painting it in colors such as green, blue and orange.Add mirrors and consider some indoor plants to make the area livelier.

Choose equipment wisely – If you have a small area, you can use skipping ropes to get your cardio workouts done instead of buying a costly treadmill. Foam rollers are great to knead muscles. Consider dumbbells that are rather cheaper than expensive weights and balance discs instead of stability balls. All these are space-savers.

Organize your gym area – Once your requirements are ready, arrange them neatly and properly in your workout area. Add storage space to store skipping ropes, rods, workout mats and other equipment and keep them free from dust and out of sight when not in use. Consider your room design as well.

After you have arranged your private gymnasium at home, strive to use it regularly.

Handy Hints:

• Partition your living room or bedroom and convert one part into a gym area

• Pump up the gym area by painting it in energetic colors and adding mirrors

• If you have a smaller space, choose space-saving equipment like dumbbells

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Source: Asha Das, Special to Properties

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