How to organise a studio apartment

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Living in a studio apartment is good for one’s pocket, but it comes with a unique challenge of limited space. If you are currently living in a studio flat or are planning to get one, here are some easy tips to make your apartment organised and look more spacious:

• Plan ahead – Before moving to a studio flat, make a list of all your belongings that need floor space. These include tables, sofas, TV stands, beds, wardrobes, dining sets and bookshelves. Then get the floor plan from your apartment manager or draw one by yourself. Plan how you will accommodate all the items in your list.

• Be creative – Come up with your own ideas on how you can fully utilise the area. You can use different types of wallpaper to define each space. Opt for a bright colour theme to make the space look spacious.

• Wise storage – Avoid floor space for storage. Consider the walls or false ceilings to store lightweight materials. For stuff like toys, consider tall boxes than broad ones. Throw away unwanted materials or give them to charity.

• Use dividers – Separating the living area and the bedroom space will give you more privacy. Your landlord may not allow you to make a wall partition, but you can easily demarcate spaces by arranging furniture (bookshelves, TV stands) or curtains wisely.

• Natural light – It is a fact that a well-lit room looks more spacious, so allow natural light to stream into your room. Do not use dark curtains or cover the windows with cabinets. If you prefer to partition, consider bookshelves with an open backside that allows light to pass through.

• Save space – Foldable furniture is the all-time favorite of studio owners. Arrange the pieces as small subrooms. Choose tables, chairs and beds with hidden storage. Use a bookshelf to store your laptop. Choose a wardrobe with sliding doors. Get a sofa that can be converted into a bed. Ceiling/hanging clothes racks are also good space savers.

Get the maximum out of your limited space by letting your creativity run, or considering the help of a professional interior designer.


Handy Hints

• A well-lit space translates to a more spacious room so let the natural light in

• Bookshelves, TV stands, wardrobes and curtains make great space dividers

• Save space with foldable furniture, sofa-cum-bed and hanging clothes rack



Source: Asha Das, Special to Properties

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