How to give your living room a makeover for less

How to give your living room a makeover for lessImage Credit: Supplied

Tired of the same old furniture and the same old look? Bored of how your living room looks, but not willing to break the bank just for upgrade costs at the nearby home deco store? Waiting for a sale for a bit of an update? The good news is, you can have a new living room and spend a pittance on it, too.

• Update - It does not have to be an ''Out with the old, in with the new'' situation when it comes to getting a fresh look for your living room. Sofas and chairs can be easily reupholstered in a fabric that goes with the mood you are trying to create. Wooden furniture like tables, chairs, bookshelves and even picture frames can receive a fresh coat of paint or varnish. New lamp shades can also be added to old lamps.

• Upcycle - Curtains can be swapped between rooms and so can furniture. Throws that used to be on sofas or old shawls can be utilized as table runners. And if time investment is an option, many old throws, shawls and colorful pieces of fabric can be sewn together to create a tapestry to hang where desired. Potted plants, rugs and other home accents can change spots and rooms.

• Mirror, mirror on the wall - Frameless mirrors are cheap. Large mirrors, when positioned well, for example facing the windows, create the illusion of a bigger space in compact living areas. This is one magic most high-rise apartment units have nowadays, and it goes all too well at any given day.

• DIY - Buy a can of paint, a paintbrush and a tall ladder and you are good to go. Painting a single wall in a living room or painting them all can be done within a few hours. Paint effects can also be used for the more creatively inclined. Wallpaper is an option, but it is best to get the professionals for it.

• Carpets - These floor coverings are wonderful for adding warmth to rooms. They can be changed or added depending on the look you like for dramatic effect. Carpets also give any room an entirely new look as the color or design reflects on
the entire space.

Handy Hints:

• With a little creativity, living rooms can be given a fresh look at little cost

• Furniture and curtains can be repurposed and swapped between rooms

• Wallpaper is great for giving an old room a new look but let the pros do it

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Source: Bushra Hameduddin, Special to Properties

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