How to give your home ceiling a dramatic or edgier look

How to give your home ceiling a dramatic or edgier lookImage Credit: Supplied

The ceiling, the floor and the walls define space, and each of them should be given prime importance when designing a home's interiors. However, the ceiling is the most overlooked space in the house, so it's about time you focused your attention on it.

Most homes come with about a three-meter high ceiling made of concrete slab, or premade gypsum to hide AC ducting and lighting wires. Some villas have a double floor ceiling height, while others have top floors and lobby space with a tall roof. The Green Community villas, for example, have huge slanted roofs so the top floor rooms get a tall, slanted ceiling.

When sprucing up your residence's ceiling, keep in mind that white ceilings, as with white walls, make the house look large. If you have a dark or wooden ceiling, contrast it with light-colored walls and floor. Here are other helpful tips to enhance your home ceiling when renovating your home:

• Make a slanted ceiling look great by enhancing it with wood, which gives the house a warm and natural look, and a cozy gazebo kind of effect. Wood suits both modern and classic interiors.

• Add a dramatic effect to your interiors by painting the ceiling in a different color and giving it some wooden edging.

• Wallpapers are not only for walls. Try adding wallpapers into the ceiling for a different effect.

• Add wooden overhangs in different textures to transform the ceiling into an interesting conversation piece. You can also use mashrabiyas, wooden cutouts with acrylic, or shaped cutouts combined with lights.

• Create different cubical depths with gypsum combined with wood.

• If you desire to transform each of your children's rooms, it is wise to add shapes, colors and textures to the ceiling.

• Enhance the kitchen ceiling with 60x60 readymade gypsum tiles and add wooden enhancements.

Handy Hints:

• Try adding wallpapers into the ceiling to give your interiors a different look

• Give your ceiling a fresh and interesting twist by painting it in a different color

• Add wooden overhangs, mashrabiyas or shaped cut-outs with lights, acrylic

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Source: Sejal Nagjee, Special to Properties

The writer is CEO & Creative Director, Milestone Landscaping


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