How to decorate a retail space

How to decorate a retail spaceImage Credit: Supplied

They say location can make or break a business, but so does a layout or décor especially if it concerns a retail space such as an apparel boutique, bookstore, music/video store, craft shop, cosmetics store, among others. Retail storeowners must, therefore, factor into their design plan their target market and the kind of goods that they are selling. Below are some ways to draw customers to your shop:

• Window display – Nothing shouts ''Come in'' louder than a well-thought-out and visually appealing window. Decorate according to the age of your customer base; for example, colourful and youthful for the teenage market, muted and classy for the senior group. Change the display regularly based on the season's top trends (if it is a bookstore, based on the current bestseller list; if a music store, based on charts), the latest collections that your store is carrying, or if you are having a promotion. Creativity and being able to keep up with what your competition is up to will ensure your business a steady footfall.

• Interior design – A store layout that titillates the senses tempts people to check your offerings. Be conscientious when choosing wall colours, décor, fixtures and lighting. Position racks and shelves in a manner that promotes easy flow of traffic, giving customers enough ''personal space'' to browse the displays without having to literally brush elbows with one another. Experts also advise strategically placing products, i.e. the latest collection near the entrance, at eye level on shelves, or at the end of the aisle. Do not forget to incorporate ''lounge areas'' complete with seats for shoppers to linger in your store and eventually make a purchase.

• Branding and signs – These two are critical factors that drive traffic to your shop. The shop's name and logo must be huge enough to be visible from a certain distance. Ensure to incorporate the logo colour into the interior design. Interior and exterior retail signs should create a good impression so they must be eye-catching with the appropriate colours and fonts. Inject proper lighting into the whole scheme.

Handy Hints:

• Decorate your shop as per your target market, goods being sold

• Choose eye-catching schemes for the windows and signages

• Incorporate ‘lounge areas' complete with chairs in the design

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Source: Ellen Joyce Soriano, Special to Properties

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