How to blend the inside and out with seamless design

How to blend the inside and out with seamless designImage Credit: Supplied

Your house is the extension of your vision, dreams, personality, choices and decisions. We build a home to feel comfortable and joyful. We make functional spaces that give utmost convenience in our day-to-day lives. The choices of colors, artwork, furniture and placement express who we are and give meaning to any space.

Feng shui principles say, ''You create the environment and the environment will create you.'' To create space, it is important to know exactly what you want, what your vision is for the next 10 years, and how this space nurtures you, your family and friends.

It is important to know your lifestyle, how many people you wish to invite, how often and how they will sit and enjoy the space. What will be the view from inside the window? If you have large glasses, what will you see? When you come out of the house, how will the flow be? Are the barbeque and dining areas closer to your kitchen? When you have a garden party and guests come in from the garden door, what will their first impressions be? How welcoming is it?

Your outdoor space is no different than your indoor space, so glam it up like you would your living room. External lighting allows the party to take place and creates a soothing ambience at night. The gurgling sound of water, plant fragrance and comfortable seating create a nurturing space. It reveals what kind of a host you are.

Catering space, like where the tables will be placed and how the area will be used, needs to be planned. Ladies hate to walk in grassy areas as their heels dig into the soil, making it very uncomfortable. So, is there a choice for them to step on to hard surface? Are the level differences hindering?

A house's interiors and exteriors require minute attention to detail. Think of each element – from materials to colors, lifestyle, usage and period of use.

A home is the most important milestone in one's life. A place is the most important part of your journey. Bring the inside out.

Handy Hints:

• Add comfort to any seating area by adding cushions in interesting colors

• When glamming up your indoor space, extend the same to your outdoor space

• Water features, plants and right lighting create drama to any outdoor space

Source: Sejal Nagjee, Special to Properties

The writer is CEO & Creative Director, Milestone Landscaping


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