Home Decor Ideas: Feng shui and its effect on irregular spaces

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In these days, many houses are designed on multiple grids superimposed at odd angles to one another. These homes give the feeling of floating and tension at one and the same time. Walls do not run parallel to one another, corners are not square, and rooms have unusual shapes. A home decor idea based according to feng shui principles, curious things may happen to the psychic energy, health and fortunes of people living in such places.

Because there is a seemingly infinite variety of shapes and because they all appear to be so “plastic,” the feng shui methods for diagnosing and treating them have to be correspondingly flexible, and the approach has to be spontaneous and intuitive.

In this practice, there are two basic shapes by which all irregularities are brought into balance: the circle which symbolizes heaven, and the square which symbolizes earth. The circle can be used for an unusually shaped home, especially on the countryside, where it is possible to do landscaping that integrates and balances the shape of the home.

Let us see some examples. In an L-shaped house, what is missing is one-fourth of an area. The suggested exterior cure, in this case, is to place a tall spotlight or flagpole where the corner would be, if the house were a complete shape. Place a spotlight that highlights your home towards the roof. If you are living in an L-shaped apartment, place mirrors at points along the walls of the missing area to attract energy. The interior missing corner point can be strengthened by adding a fireplace.

Triangular shapes are not very auspicious for houses. The sharp corners and angled sides promote conflicts in the household. In this case, you should place the cures in each corner of the triangle. Cure items include plants, bushes or trees. Place a bright shining light inward or a flag on a tall pole at the vanishing point. Place flagpoles on each three corners. Tall ones bearing green flags are the most effective.

If one of your lots is angled, you are going to have problems with the chi energy. Planting healthy plants can cure this and will infuse the area with healthy chi.

Handy Home Decor Ideas with Feng Shui
• The circle and the square can bring balance into any house irregularities
• Cure triangular-shaped homes by putting plants in each triangle corner
• If you are living in an L-shaped flat, put mirrors along walls of missing area






Source: Cristiano Falconi, Special to Properties
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