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Interior decorationImage Credit: Courtesy Nakkash Gallery

Interior design can be a form of nourishment for the mind and body. The things we surround ourselves with can have a huge impact on our disposition and outlook in life. Nakkash Gallery shares this philosophy.

Tucked away in the humble district of Al Garhoud, this hidden gem embraces the belief that interior design is all about understanding the strong influence of physical space on one’s spirit, energy and personality.

Upon entering the gallery, visitors are met with a gust of warmth, which emanates from each piece of furniture that has been delicately assembled by the Nakkash family. The furniture shop offers limited-edition collectibles at a reasonable price. Wajih Nakkash, the founder of the gallery, points out that good money does not necessarily buy good design. Interior decoration, he says, is like cooking a meal. One has to understand the chemistry of the ingredients being used.

Creative influence
Nakkash says the gallery aims to transform each client’s property into a home and an art exhibition. He has visited different places around the world looking for inspiration for his creations, including cities such as Beirut, Florence and Paris. Asked about the biggest influence on his unique collection, Nakkash says it is difficult to pinpoint one major influence.

“I start my creative process by understanding the character and personal lifestyle of my clients, which helps me find my own style. My passion for interior design grows from understanding how powerful the effect a physical space can have on our spirit, energy and personality.”

For Nakkash, interior design isn’t a business, it is a family tradition. The family, which resides in Sharjah, has always been fond of design, long before the gallery was established. Nakkash recalls his first project when he was only 12 years old. The young artist began by painting his walls different colours. He then renovated the balcony and turned it into every child’s dream — a library heavily stacked with comic books.

The tradition continued when Nakkash shared his creative talent with his children, Omar and Aya, who are now also actively involved in running the business.

Aside from its exclusive collection, Nakkash Gallery has also forged international collaborations. The gallery’s furniture collection is also a reflection of different cultures around the world. Design themes range from African ethnic décor to tastefully engineered modern pieces.

Nakkash explains his style is not to produce elaborate furniture but to manipulate space in an eccentric way. He says his work reflects immense effort executed in an effortless manner. The ultimate aim is to create décors that complement the environment, using a cocktail of antique furniture and modern fabrics, bringing the best elements of every era.

His is a modern gallery with a classic appeal, a platform where conventional meets contemporary.






Source: Nichole Nikoliovich, Special to Property Weekly

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