Here are some smart ways to create a home library

Here are some smart ways to create a home libraryImage Credit: Supplied

You do not need to have a hundred spare rooms in your house to create your own home library. All you need is a creative mind to transform any available space into an inviting reading environment.

The simplest options are often the best. If you have plenty of unused wall and floor space, arranging a few bookcases quickly creates a home library feel. Make sure the bookcase colour matches with the decor so that it feels more integrated into the design.

Lucky enough to have ample space? Dedicate an entire room to a library and choose floor-to-ceiling bookshelves which are ideal for displaying your vast collection. Add a library ladder to give the room a look of authenticity and so that it would be easier to get books on the top shelves. Remember to protect your book collection from the harsh sunlight by fitting your library windows with blinds.

Make use of the untapped storage potential of your property's bare walls if you do not have a spare room. You may not have the floor space to place several bookshelves, but you can always put up plenty of shelves on the walls to store your books. Consider grouping wall-mount ledges and storage cubes to create unique and modern displays. Ensure the shelves and storage cubes are of a similar colour to create a more harmonious look. Shelves also allow you to utilise as library corners any irregular shapes or angles in your home such as stair landings and attic space.

Break up any large open space by allotting a cosy corner for reading. Some freestanding bookcases, a floor lamp and a comfortable chair are all you really need. Alternatively, you can use a bookcase as a room divider as well as a book storage to create a separate library space in any open-plan living area.

Bed headboards also make great book corners for when you feel like grabbing a book while relaxing. Just add built-in lamps and some storage boxes for small stuff like bookmarks.

There are many other creative ways to incorporate a library into your living space. Just ensure you add proper lighting, the right furniture and a dose of imagination.

Handy Hints:

• Make use of any unused wall space by grouping shelves and storage cubes

• Turn any corner into a reading space by adding a comfy chair and good lighting

• Use a bookcase as a room divider to create a library within an open-plan room

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Source: Nicholas Baker, Special to Properties

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