Guide to purchasing office furniture

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Whether you are a small-scale entrepreneur who is just starting out or the owner of an established business, buying furniture for your office is by no means an easy task. There are several factors to consider before making an all-important decision – quality, cost, comfort and others. Below are some tips to avoid the common mistakes while doing so:

Measurements – If you are buying furniture online, it is very important to work with correct measurements. You do not wish to end up with large, bulky pieces especially if the space that you are intending to fill is relatively small.

Comfort over looks – Aesthetics is important but should not be the only governing factor when picking up furniture. While a chair may look attractive, if it is not comfortable to sit on, it will result in niggling health issues such as back pain and soreness in employees and customers alike.

Quality over price – A lower-priced item will certainly appeal to your wallet at the first instinct. However, it is important to purchase quality furniture even though it is going to cost a bit more. By going for cheap furniture, the cost of replacement in the subsequent years will far outweigh the initial cost of investment.

Planning – Buying office furniture requires a substantial outlay; hence, it warrants a certain degree of planning. If you are moving to a new space, consider what you already have to begin with. Seek and ask for employee input and always think about the long term.

Color coordination – As far as possible, pick a theme for your office and stick to it. Furniture and accessories that are in sync with each other add a professional feel to the environment. An important tip is to purchase all the items from a single manufacturer to avoid mismatches.

As far as furniture is concerned, it is recommended to always try before you buy. Testing office furniture may be time-consuming but it will ultimately save you a lot of money in the long run.

Source: Priyanka Wade, Special to Properties

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