Guide to choosing the right home flooring

Guide to choosing the right home flooringImage Credit: Supplied

Flooring has become an integral part of the interiors and everybody wants it to be beautiful and unique. Now, with a wide range of flooring materials available, selecting the type of floor for your home has become a daunting decision to make.

Personal taste with careful practical thinking increases long-term satisfaction. The key consideration should be the durability, style and of course cost. For a professional touch, seek an experienced interior designer for selecting the best flooring for your home.

Set a budget: Pick a surface that meets your family needs and also choose the material that fits your budget. Determine how much you can spend. If you choose cheap flooring, it won't last for long. Bath and kitchen floors are heavily used, so you may want to invest more on these parts of your home.

Consider the room: Making a list of flooring materials for each room will help reduce confusion. Select the flooring based on the areas and the way you will be using the room. This varies for kitchen, bedrooms, kids' rooms, living and dining areas.

Style and concept: Consider your family, lifestyle and status when you are styling your home flooring. You should think of the children, elderly people, and pets while finalizing the materials. Giving concept and styling according to the areas will make them unique.

Durability: Selecting the home floors according to their durability is very important. For this, you can look for an expert opinion and seek proper advice on where to find the type of floor you need. Spending wisely on durable flooring will help you avoid future complications. Floors that are well installed and properly maintained last longer.

Ease of maintenance: Check the finishing, surface smoothness and glazing over a period of time. Some parts may need to be repaired and any floor damage or joint opening should be regrouted. Whether you opt for bedrooms with carpeting, wood for a natural look or vinyl for versatility, consider how it would be relatively convenient to maintain the floor that is hassle-free.

Decorative concrete may need less maintenance than wood flooring, but the maintenance depends largely on the amount of foot traffic it receives. Protect your floor with a coat of floor finish or wax to make it resistant to abrasion, chemicals and stains.

Handy Hints:

• Budget is a major consideration when choosing the flooring that meets your needs

• Flooring materials should blend with your home design and interior background

• Consider floors that can handle heavy foot traffic and can be maintained easily

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Source: Asha Das, Special to Properties

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